Let’s talk about cruelty-free, and vegan lashes.

Recently – I was approached by a company that wanted to send me some of their lash products and promote them on my blog. I asked them if their lashes were ‘cruelty-free,’ and they assured me they were cruelty-free REAL mink lashes. Hmmm.. I thought, how can your lashes be cruelty-free if you’re using real mink..? They went on to tell me that their “sources” say these mink are on a free range farm and their hair is naturally collected through shedding and brushing.

Can you picture farmers brushing hundreds and thousands of minks? I sure as hell can’t.

Here is the reality:

Not surprisingly, I couldn’t find any images or videos of farmers brushing their minks.

The fur industry is one of the cruelest out there – farmers cram animals into small, filthy cages until they eventually rip off their skin to make fur products including lashes, and coats.

Fur farmers use the cheapest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, poisoning, and gassing. Why? Well if you think about it, how do you kill them without ruining their fur? They use these methods to protect the product.

I wore eyelash extensions for 6 years and never had an issue with the synthethic fibers, they looked amazing, and were soft and comfortable. However, I developed an allergy and now have to apply false lashes but honestly I personally prefer the way they look, I’ve found that no eyelash extensions can give me the fullness that a strip on can.

With that said, here are a few amazing lashes that don’t harm any animals 🙂

1. Lashes By Rose 

Use the discount code CFWM at checkout.

This line is 100% cruelty free, easy to apply and soft to the touch. The lashes are designed for all shapes and sizes of eyes and sit comfortable on the lid with no poking or irritation. They range from classic and natural, to dramatic and eye catching.

Every girl wants a good pair of lashes to enhance their look while making them feel a bit more glam and confident, that’s what Lashes by Rose is set out to do. Each lash is created individually with care and with proper care, will last over 20 wears. Throw out your $10.00 drugstore lashes and grab a pair that will not only last, but will make you feel your best self.

My go-to lashes are the Amber lashes. They are quite dramatic but super glam! They’re the second most dramatic pair sold and will make anyone from across the room stop and stare.

My second favourite pair are Britt. If you’re looking for a lash to stand out and create glamour to your look Britt lashes are perfect for you. They provide the perfect amount of sexiness and fluff without being extremely dramatic.

ALL ABOUT THE DRAMA – NUMBER 3 – TESS. These lashes are the most dramatic and jaw dropping lashes on the market, they are full, long, fluffy and curled to provide a look that will make all heads turn!

My favourite glue?

House of Lashes carries a white lash adhesive – it’s by far my FAVOURITE lash glue, and I’ve tried TONS!

Another option is Ardell Lashes

I’m sure most of you have heard about Ardell – they are quite popular. Definitley not as great of quality as the ones above but if you’re limited on time and can’t order any of the ones I mentioned above you can find them at most drug stores, or beauty supply stores. They are also 100% cruelty-free and vegan. I wear my Ardell lashes when I’m going for a very natural look.

These are called 105 black, and I usually buy a pack of 6 at Sallys Beauty Supply or Shoppers Drug Mart.

Thank you!