Base Beaute is a handmade skincare line that uses exotic ingredients, is 100% natural, vegan and of course cruelty-free. They are eco-friendly, and give back to the world which is something I always look for when choosing what brands to support and purchase products from. I am continuously raving about beauty brands, and skincare lines, but I can honestly say that after 2 weeks of using these products relentlessly, my skin has never felt so soft, my acne is all gone, and my skin feels clean!

I do tend is to get acne on my back, but since I’ve been using the body scrub my skin has COMPLETLEY cleared up.

This brand has everything you could possibly need to make your skin a top priority. From makeup remover, cleanser, toner, face cream, face exfoliant, face masks, body scrub, and body cream. Here is a little run down of all the Base Beaute products I’ve been using to change my skin for the better!

Coconut Almond (Makeup Remover + Oil Cleanser + Lash Moisturizer)

This super gentle makeup remover has replaced my overpriced facewipes that I’ve been using since the beginning of time. It smells like heaven, and works like a charm! It removes mascara, and liquid liner, which is always a challenge.

Soapberry Lemon + Rosewater (Face Cleanser)

This cleanser has nature’s “soap”, Reetha in it which is a fruit/berry from India. Indians have used it for thousands of years to clean just about everything, but primarily to wash their hair. The saponin from these berries removes dirt but does not kill the good bacteria on your skin. I use it everynight before I go to bed, and I’m already noticing the change in the way my skin feels and looks, no exaggeration!

Rose-Infused Orange Blossom (Toner Mist)

This toner gets its gorgeous color from Indian rose petals and French lavenders in orange blossom water. Essential oils, witch hazel and a touch of apple cider vinegar are added to create a mist that is powerful and helps with my blemishes, acne and leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Raw Mango Rosehip (Face + Eye Cream)

I mean, it’s mango!? MANGO!!! I am obsessed with this cream, not only does it smell like my favourite fruit but it leaves my skin feeling softer than a babies bottom.

Lemon Face Peel (Face Exfoliant + Mask)

This face exfoliant is bringing my skin to life this winter. Not only do I use it on my face, but I also use it on my lips!

Rose + Clay (Face Mask)

When you’re having a bad day, is there anything better than a face mask? Obsessed with this face mask, I’m currently using it about once a week!

Masala Chai (Body Scrub)

I use this body scrub everytime I bath, which is every other day… my skin has never felt better than right now.

Raw Coconut + Cocoa (Body Cream)

What I love about this body cream is that it only has 3 ingredients, raw cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil and apricot kernel oils. This body cream leaves my skin feeling so nourished, and shows that we don’t need a lotion that contains 100 ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Warm up your skin with this amazing chocolate smelling cream.

They pledge to:

  • Continue being an honest company, no matter how much they grow.
  • Put your best interest above making more profit.
  • Never harm a person or an animal in the process of conducting business. Not today, not in the future when they become a mega-corporation.
  • Continue improving sustainability practices, and be kind to the planet and the environment.
  • Continue supporting and empowering the underprivileged, in the pursuit of securing safe and dignified living, through healthcare support, funding of educational programs and computers, development programs, work opportunities, and raising awareness about social injustices and human rights.
  • They pledge to give 10% of our profits, with no tax deductions or financial benefits to Base Beauté, towards this mission.