What Happened To Compassion?

Sitting at the doctors office looking at the children’s area where there are dozens of books with farm animals on the covers.  It makes me think…  everyone loves animals – kids especially, so what happened in between? If you were to tell a little kid what happened to these animals and what happened to the food they were eating chances are they would cry and not want to eat it right? But, society has socially conditioned us to completely disconnect from it. They’ve completely disconnected us from the idea that the food we eat are also the animals we love. They’ve conditioned us into thinking that it’s normal when in reality it’s really not normal at all. Last week I went to a slaughterhouse and was absolutely speechless driving up. They have actually bought out all the houses around it due to neighbors complaining about sounds, smells and even ammonia contamination. These industries do EVERYTHING in their power to hide EVERYTHING they do from you. There are even laws out now (ag gag laws) where if you film certain things that happen in slaughterhouses you can to JAIL. No one wants to see it, no one wants to hear it but people continue paying other people to do it for them. Why though? 1. Convenience (it’s also easy to be vegan) 2. Pleasure (I eat really tasty food) 3. Habit (easy to break) 4. Tradition (fuck tradition) I saw this quote today and I LOVE IT. “Vegan because the attempt to systemically dumb me down and rob me of my natural sense of compassion stopped working and I woke the fuck up.” I hope you do too.