Swimming With Dolphins

I thought I would share with you all an unfortunate experience I had while in Mexico, and also take the opportunity to educate others who don’t know the facts when it comes to excursions involving swimming with dolphins.

Unaware, I entered a snorkeling excursion to find that I had to walk by an area where people swam with dolphins. It was absolutely HEARTBREAKING to see these amazing, and highly intelligent animals stuck in an area the size of a small pool. What some people don’t know is that a lot of these captive dolphins are kept constantly hungry as part of their training and to ensure they perform. Dolphins in the wild do not jump through hoops, eat dead fish, wave, kiss or drag people through the water as they hold onto their fins. This is all behaviour forced on them in captivity. Without routine starvation the dolphins would not perform. Wild dolphins constantly travel, covering thousands of miles every year experiencing a wide diversity of natural habitat and the freedom to deep dive.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be confined to a small, unnatural pool, where you are forced to go endlessly round in circles?

Secondly, dolphins held in captivity were captured from the wild. Dolphins live in highly complex, close-knit social units, known as pods. The capturing of dolphins isn’t just extremely stressful for the individual taken, it deeply affects the whole pod. Worse still in the process of capturing a dolphin the entire pod maybe killed. In Taiji, Japan, when a few dolphins in a pod are selected for captivity the whole pod is driven a shore and the majority are inhumanely killed. Thousands are killed in this way each year. Dolphins are known to be highly intelligent, self-aware animals.

If tourists stop paying for it than this inhumane treatment of dolphins will eventually stop.