Today for the first time ever there will be a congressional hearing on the Yulin Festival and dog meat trade in Washington, DC.

I’m praying that steps are made to put an end to the absolute horror that these dogs face everyday in parts of Asia.

Marc Ching, thank you. @animalhopeandwellness You are the most inspiring person, and I can’t imagine spending one day in your shoes. I applaud you for what you do, and what you’ve done and witnessed to get this issue to where it is now.

“As human beings, we should be better than this. As human beings, we need to speak out and not be silent.”

Due to the belief that adrenaline levels will produce tender meat unthinkable things are done to these innocent animals. Methods include torture, electrocution, crucification, nail gunned to walls, tortured, and being boiled alive. .Marc has witnessed all of the above FIRST HAND, and has been documenting it in hopes that he will be able to bring laws to protect these animals into place. You can help, by donating, volunteering, fostering, and even adopting dogs that have been saved from the industry are a few of the ways you can contribute.

Click here to visit their website and for direction on how you can help.