I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Wynn/Encore hotels had a ‘secret’ vegan menu at EVERY restaurant!  You just need to ask. I’m not too sure on why it’s kept a secret, I mean shouldn’t they be advertising that they offer this? Hmmm..

‘Every restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas and Encore offers a vegan and vegetarian menu that is designed and prepared at the same caliber as any of the signature items served. The highest quality meat-free and dairy-free ingredients are used to create flavor combinations so delicious, you won’t even know what’s “missing.” Our chefs partnered with collaborating vegan chef Tal Ronnen to craft unique and healthy fare to be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you’ve ever hesitated about ordering a meatless dish, vegan and vegetarian cuisine prepared by the master chefs at Wynn and Encore is an experience not to be missed. ‘

Not only was this hotel accommodating but so many others were as well, surprising a lot of steak houses seemed to have great vegan options including a seared tofu dish I ordered. I had no trouble “veganizing” options throughout my trip.

I would highly recommend staying at the Wynn hotel as a vegan though so that you can also order vegan room service!

Click here for all of the hotel restaurants menus.

Chick’un Parmigiano) Sinatra, Wynn Hotel.

Chick’un & Waffles, Terrace Point Cafe, Wynn Hotel.

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