I’ve seen you in the meat aisle,

Seen you choosing who to eat,

Eyeing up their body parts

In rows all nice and neat.

I’ve seen you grabbing bottled milk

That wasn’t made for you

And I know you never think about

The suffering they knew.

I’ve watched you fill your trolley up

With misery and pain,

Eggs and cheese, a leg, a wing,

My heart just broke again.

You say I should respect your choice,

That it’s your right to choose,

Well, legally perhaps you win

But morally you lose.

I don’t know how you do it

But you close your ears and eyes

To the slaughterhouse, the blood and screams,

Their fear, despair and cries.

It doesn’t even cross your mind,

You bite and drink and chew,

And you keep yourself from knowing

That they died because of you.

So no, I don’t respect your choice,

There’s no respect from me.

You are putting in your stomach

Someone you refuse to see.

The animals, they have no voice,

Convenient for you,

But have a heart and look at those

Who lost their lives for you. – Emma Murphy