This is Oliver, he was bought off kijiji for entertainment purposes and then surrendered just after a day. He had his tail docked and his testicles removed with no anesthetic which are common practices on a pig farm. Oliver can respond to his name, loves kisses, face rubs, and is super smart. He also loves apples, carrots, watermelons, pumpkins and bananas! Did you know that pigs are clever creatures with an intelligence way beyond that of a three year old human child. Pigs have good memories, they can recognize and remember up to thirty other pigs. They also have a good sense of direction and are able to find their way over long distances. They can remember where food is hidden and by watching each other they learn where food is located. Pigs can respond to their own given name within 7 days of birth. Most amazingly you may be surprised to know that pigs can learn to play, and indeed excel at using joystick video oriented games. Researchers conducting a study of farm animal cognition hope to quantify the cognitive level of pigs by encouraging them to play video games. They use their snouts to operate the joy stick and have over an 80 percent rate of accuracy. During similar research it was found that pigs can respond to verbal communications. Indeed they are remarkable creatures, insightful, curious , fastidious, inquisitive, social, companionable, compassionate, intelligent and ingenious. Capable of considerable ingenuity they can problem solve better than your dog. Research has discovered that Pigs also have what psychologists call a theory of mind, they seem to have an understanding of what is going on in the mind of other pigs and make decisions and act accordingly. This type of thinking is usually thought only to exist in man and apes. Pigs it seems are masters of deceit and, according to researchers at Bristol University, pigs deliberately mislead other pigs so as to gain more food. Veganism is not about giving anything up or losing anything; it is about gaining the peace within yourself that comes from embracing nonviolence and refusing to participate. ✌????️????