The True Cost Of A Canada Goose Jacket

So it’s almost that time of the year again and it truly saddens me to see people wearing these coats. I wonder if the majority of the people wearing them even know the TRUE COST of them. Some might say it’s one of the warmest jackets but I think it’s got to be the coldest.

 Here are some facts about these coats.

  • Canada Goose uses REAL coyote fur as trim on the hoods of their parkas
  • Canada Goose traps and kills these coyotes with the infamous leg-hold trap
  • For some sick reason it’s still legal in every province and territory across Canada and remains the most widely used trap despite being banned in many countries
  • Many animals die trying to free themselves, as well as from dehydration, blood loss and hypothermia
  • Some animals become so desperate that they break teeth chewing and/or twisting off their own limbs to escape
  • Some estimate that for every ‘target’ animal, up to 10 ‘trash’ animals are killed
  • These trash animals routinely include dogs and cats as well as endangered species
  • The down feathers that insulate the coat are collected through a procedure called live plucking
  • A worker restrains the bird and rips out feathers by the handful


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True Cost Of A Canada Goose Jacket