I go to ‘Creations By Tina‘, and she is located in Auburn Bay, Calgary. For appointments text or call 403-614-5998 and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram, and Facebook.

There are two brands that she frequently uses and both are 100% cruelty-free and have various vegan products within their line.

Kevin Murphy

They are PETA certified, which means that they have listed Kevin Murphy as one of their recommend ‘cruelty-free’ companies. This is great! Not only will they not harm or test on animals but they actually test on models instead, suckers!

They also care about the environment where on their website it states, “We care about the environment and recognize the seriousness of dangerous climate change. We make every effort to do our part to help the environment by utilizing packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable.”

I think it’s important to support companies who are doing something other than making money, companies who support a cause, give back, or have a mission that helps the world in some way or another.

Majority of their products are vegan (especially if they are new) some of the older versions may have animal-ingredients in them such as milk protein.

I recently purchased the Repair Me Rinse and the Repair Me Wash, which are two latest products he’s launched. They help to strengthen, moisturise, restore and protect hair with naturally derived super food proteins and fruit enzymes.

The key ingredients in these are shea butter, aloe lead extract, acai, green pea protein, and contain a blend of the vitamins A, C, and E.

The benefits include: Sulphate Free, Nourishing, Restorative, Paraben Free, Replenishing, Strengthening, Moisturising, Smoothing, Repairing

The repair series uses breakthrough skincare research and scientific technology to encapsulate protein within an enzyme, keeping the protein in a lipid state.

My commitment to finding the best in nature and science led me to recent developments in anti-aging skincare and new research on the effects of enzymes that stay in a lipid state. I knew the applications for hair could be powerful,” explains Kevin.Murphy stylist and founder Kevin Murphy. “Traditionally, high protein products leave a residue that makes hair feel brittle and stiff. We combined powerful natural ingredients with new science to encapsulate the protein within an enzyme. This allows the protein to fit into damaged areas of the hair shaft, reconstructing them while leaving hair soft and shiny with no brittle finish.”

I encounter intensely damaged and dehydrated hair on a daily basis. Harsh environmental factors, chemical damage and heat tools can be difficult to combat,” continues Murphy. “These three products complement each other to provide targeted nourishment.”

Another one of my favourite products from this line is their dry shampoo.

I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT! Seriously… it smells so good and makes my life so much easier. Definitely a must-have.

Other vegan products from this brand are:

Angel Wash

Angel Rinse

Balancing Wash

Blonde Angel

Doo Over

Treat Me System

Fresh Hair

Hydrate Me Rinse

Hydrate Me Rinse

Hydrate Me Wash

Maxi Wash

Powder Puff

Rough Rider

Session Spray

Super Goo

Young Again Rinse

Paul Mitchell

All Paul Mitchells products are cruelty-free as well, and they have a strong commitment to never test their products on animals. They do not sell in China, where it’s law to test on animals for this specific reason.

A lot of people don’t understand that for a product to be ‘cruelty-free’ they are NOT allowed to sell in China, due to the laws there. Companies who choose to sell in this one country in order to get money instead of being cruelty-free in my opinion should not be supported and are GREEDY!

Their website states that “John Paul Mitchell Systems® is devoted to making the world a better place with CEO John Paul DeJoria working to ensure the company follows earth-friendly policies and strategies. Some of his efforts include:

Making Paul Mitchell® the first hair care company to publicly oppose animal testing.

Creating aerosol products that meet stringent Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) standards in California.

Harvesting botanicals without harm to the environment

Using giant solar panels to harness the suns energy on our Awapuhi Farm, on the North Shore of Hawaii.

John Paul DeJoria strives to make John Paul Mitchell Systems® an example for other companies to follow. “Corporations can and should change the world for the better. We have the perspective needed to leave the world a better place for our having been here.” John Paul DeJoria.

Most of the their products do not contain animal products. Silk protein is in a couple, beeswax may be in a couple. At least 90% of the products are vegan. I would make sure you check ALL ingredients before purchasing, if there’s an unfamiliar name, google it, that’s what I do! 🙂

Here is what they said to me in their email:

Good Morning Claire,

Thank you for contacting us with your Paul Mitchell professional salon product inquiry. Paul Mitchell products are only available in a salon and your stylist will be able to assist you in selecting the most appropriate product for your hair type and styling needs. The majority of Paul Mitchell products are vegan.  You may view the vegan icon and other features and benefits on our website www.paulmitchell.com by selecting Our Products from the home page and choosing a product. The Details tab will allow you to view the features of the product including the vegan icon. I hope this information is helpful.

Have a beautiful day!

Here are a couple of my favourite products from Paul Mitchell:

Both these products are a deep treatment that strengthens and rebuilds troubled tresses, improves elasticity and protects from further damage.
Super Strong Complex rebuilds the internal structure of hair, while rich lipid conditioners enhance flexibility. It also makes hair more manageable and easier to style.

I would love to know what some of YOUR favourite vegan hair brands are, so please leave me a comment if you have any you would like to share, thank you!