A belief system striving for perfection only encourages hypocrisy. I’m going to leave you with something to think about.. When it comes to making a difference just TRY, do SOMETHING. You don’t have to be “one” or the “other.” You can be a meat eater and still buy faux leather, because it means you’re doing SOMETHING. Being aware doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do it all, it means you’re doing the best you can. Nobody’s perfect. If everyone simply decreased their animal product consumption by even 10% we can change the outcome of our future. Pick one thing and stick to it. Eliminate eating one animal product once a week, try meatless Mondays, try to buy LESS leather. It’s the idea that we have to do it all or nothing that overwhelms, intimidates, and isolates. Eating meat and wearing a Mat and Nat bag doesn’t make you a hypocrite, it means you’re doing something, and for that I applaud you.

 If you are interested in doing SOMETHING, here are some helpful videos and links to get you started:

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