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in Food

No Egg, No Problem!

To be completely honest I was never a huge fan of egg to begin with, it creeped me out when I thought about what it was, and what it came out of. It wasn’t until I started a ‘clean eating’…

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in Style

Faux Everything Outfit

When I first went ‘vegan’ I started off by cutting out animals from my diet, as well as their bi-products, then I started switching to cruelty-free and vegan makeup, as well as slowly switching out all my other products such…

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in Inspiration

What Happened To Compassion?

Sitting at the doctors office looking at the children’s area where there are dozens of books with farm animals on the covers.  It makes me think…  everyone loves animals – kids especially, so what happened in between? If you were to…

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in Style

Add A Touch Of Vegan Flair

Vegan Power Co is a company ran by Alicia, who makes vegan pins, patches, and accessories. Not only that, but she also gives back to animal welfare charities with each sale. If you know me, then you know how much…

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in Beauty

Animal-Free Makeup Brushes

If you read my previous post on some of my favourite ‘Cruelty-Free Eyelash Brands’ then that’s great because the same goes for brushes. They are either made from synthetic fibres or real animal fur, and it’s not pretty. “Many companies…

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in Food

The Soy Debate

Here is a super easy & quick meal idea: Ingredients Brown rice Avocado Cucumber Kimchi Green onion Sautéed spinach Carrots Red Onion Veggie Gyozas (find at any grocery store) 1 Block Extra Firm Tofu – drain, cut into small blocks, marinade it…

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in lifestyle

Starbucks Vegan Holiday Drinks

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year, endless shopping, sugar, and Santa. For me personally, I’m not a fan of winter but I’ll be honest, the Christmas season does put a smile on my face. Cuddling up by the fire…

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in Food

Vegan Candy List

So I may or may not have drank a little too much punch last night and today. I feel like laying in bed and eating endless amounts of candy, chips, and chocolate. Unfortunately ALOT of candy is not vegan-friendly so…

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