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in Food

Vegan Treats By Little Tucker

I met with Laura, the owner of Little Tucker and was able to sample a few of her vegan, and raw treats! If you have a sweet tooth, you NEED to try these goodies. They literally melted in my mouth,…

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in Food

Beautiful Flower Smoothie Bowls

I found a box of pre-made salad that had flowers in it at the local Calgarys farmers market and decided to use them to make my smoothie bowl pretty this morning! The great thing about smoothie bowls is that you…

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in travel

Vegan In Vegas

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Wynn/Encore hotels had a ‘secret’ vegan menu at EVERY restaurant!  You just need to ask. I’m not too sure on why it’s kept a secret, I mean shouldn’t they be advertising that…

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in Beauty

Cruelty-Free Lash Brands

First I think it’s important to go over what it means to be a cruelty-free lash company. Recently – I was approached by a company that wanted to send me some of their lash products and promote them on my blog,…

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