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Original Joes Vegan Options

  Found out that Original Joes has soy chicken, as well as many other vegan friendly options! 🙂  This is their Thai salad with chopped romaine hearts and cooled rice noodles, tossed in their own Thai peanut vinaigrette, topped with…

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in Food, health

Warm Oatmeal Bowl

Warm oatmeal topped with banana, pomegranates, fresh mint, hemp seeds, and cherries with a side of agave nectar which tastes similar to honey, and is healthier then maple syrup.

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in alice sanctuary

My Little Pony.

“Beanu is a mini horse with Dwarfism. He is about 3 times smaller than what he should be, his organs are more compacted inside his body due his size, his legs and feet are a little out of whack, he…

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in Food, health

Quick Meal Prep Idea

    Quick easy meal prep idea: Marinaded tempeh, I buy the original Green Cuisine brand. I leave it overnight in low sodium soy sauce, sesame oil, a little bit of maple syrup, and garlic. Add some brown rice, and…

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in Food


 I’m not gunna lie, I really really dislike pumpkin but, TIS the season right? I do however enjoy carving pumpkins, with wine of course.  Here are some great pumpkin recipes for all you basic bitches.  Pumpkin Spiced Latte   Pumpkin Pie…

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in activism, Inspiration

Live Export News

???? It breaks my heart knowing that there are currently 13,000 sheep & cattle just like these three stuck on a broken down live export ship in the middle of the ocean just off Perth. Unfortunately this is not a…

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