“Beanu is a mini horse with Dwarfism. He is about 3 times smaller than what he should be, his organs are more compacted inside his body due his size, his legs and feet are a little out of whack, he has a large under bite, and his trachea is maladjusted giving him a snore and grunting sound. He is about 3 yrs old now.

 Normally, any animal born this way would have been culled by the breeder, but fortunately, Beanu was born at a place with people who had compassion. Beanu continued to thrive with his mother, Bindy.

 Beanu now receives a good diet to keep the weight gain down, and frequent visits by our amazing farrier who is working with Beanu’s feet to help him walk a little easier and bear less stress on his joints,” (The Alice Sanctuary, 2015).