Meet Lundy, a Pekin duck from The Alice Sanctuary

Did you know

* Pekin ducks are very friendly/ social animals

* They crave the company of others

* They feel lonely and sad and it’s hard for them to survive without friends

* They are outdoor animals and should never be kept inside

* They should always have decent outdoor space for them to graze

* They love to swim.

*Their average life span is 9-12 years

* They follow the owners just like dogs, and make excellent companions

However… these cute animals are widely used for the production of eggs & meat. Did you know that ducklings are often incubated in large-capacity, are then force-fed (to get a layer of fat) kept in very small spaces, are often stuck inside, slaughtered, and live an average life span of 7 weeks!!!!?? ????

Make kind choices.