Yesterday lovely Janneane from The Alice Sanctuary was driving when she came across this baby who was clearly abandoned, malnourished, couldn’t walk, fragile and wavering on life. She put her in her truck and went to the farm and offered them money to take her, and they laughed in her face and told her no. He said he has 700 calves and this one is going back. She said you wouldn’t miss one and I will give you money for her, and he still said no. Apparently her eyes when she was taken away was absolutely devastating.

Although this is a heartbreaking story, it’s one of MANY, and sometimes it’s necessary to share because there are still so many people unaware of what happens in these relentless industries. For this poor baby, she is a beef cow, and was taken away from her mom at the age of 3-6 months. She will then be fed, fattened up and then sold for meat by 14-18 months old.

For the dairy industry; people are still unaware that cows are continually impregnated to produce milk, and that their babies then become bi products of the dairy industry and are then used and killed at sometimes 1 week of age; known as “veal.”

Just remember that it’s a matter of greed & arrogance, and they are looked at as PRODUCTS. ????????