Here are some of my go-to vegan cookbooks for all of you that have been asking, from the top is the newest Oh She Glows cook book which I picked up today. Some of my favourite recipes in the book so far are the 6 vegetable and cheese soup, chili cheese nachos, the ultimate flour-less brownie, 9 spice avocado hummus toast, stuffed avocado salad, and what looks like an amazing vegan Caesar salad with chickpeas! CAN’T WAIT to make these!

Next is Super Fresh by Jennifer Houston, has great recipes on vibrant vegan foods, smoothies, and shakes. Third down is I Could Never Go Vegan by Kristy Turner have really unique recipes and it’s almost as if they found common carnivore dishes and turned them into vegan recipes.

Thug Kitchen ‘Eat Like You Give A Fuck’ is a hilarious cookbook that uses a lot of swear words to get the point across. Not only does it have amazing recipes, but it also addresses the importance and benefits of plant-based eating.

Lastly, the Oh She Glows original, this was my first vegan recipe book I purchased and it made my life so much easier, they have quick, as well as healthy recipes for every type of food lover.


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