For all of you that are are struggling with the whole “Well I can’t give up cheese.” Check out @heartschoices on MacLeod Trail in Calgary. They have 20 different types of cheese!

I’ve tried almost every vegan cheese there is out there, and I’ll be completely honest with you.. a lot of them are GROSS.

Fortunately I came across Chao slides, by field Roast, and it’s by far my favourite dairy-free cheese I’ve tried so far. They have a tomato cayenne flavour, creamy original, and a coconut herb.

My favourite is the tomato cayenne.


If you live in Calgary, then you also need to try Prana Kitchen111 cashew cheeze which you can find at the Vegan Thai Cafe mentioned above. They are TO DIE FOR! Made by the amazingly talented Cassandra, she specializes in dairy free cream cheese with flavours like chive, smokey cheddar, dill pickle, pizza, chilli cheeze, herb and garlic and plain.